Personal Information
Name : Christopher Lopez Rodriguez
City : On Request
Phone Number : On Request
E-mail : ravens at
Date of birth : 07-09-1987
License : B

MBO (level 4)     : Grafisch Lyceeum Rotterdam 2004-2008: Animation & Game Design
VMBO (level D)  : Comenius College 2000-2004: Electric Technology

Work Experience:
2006 - present : working 3 days in a row from 04:00 to 22:00 in the bunker (warehouse).
2008 - present : SW-, Design, coding and maintance.
2008 - present : Temporary job at Free Record shop.

2007    : From January to mid June at Mirage3D.Mirage3D is a 3D Animation studio focusing on large format cinematic experience. They specialize in the creation of full dome video, as well as HD video productions. I worked at the model/textures development.

2007 : From September to end December at Hexatechracing. NL Hexatechracing is a Race Simulator of a truly new generation of interactive simulation. I worked at the Game design development (tracks, cars, engine-sound etc.)

Computer and language skills

  Dutch : Native Language
  English : Good
  Spanish : Moderate

  Lowpoly modeling.
  UVW Mapping.
  Rigging (Moderate).
  Nurbs (Moderate).

  Adobe Photoshop.
  Adobe Illustrator.
  Adobe Dreamweaver.
  Adobe Flash (Moderate).
  Autodesk 3D Studio Max.
  Autodesk Maya.
  Cinema 4D (Moderate).
  Rhino3D (Moderate).

               Office Software:
  Microsoft Word.
  Microsoft Powerpoint.
  Microsoft Excel

  Windows XP/Vista
  PHP (Basic/Moderate)
  PC Problem Solving. (Software/ Hardware/ Virus-Spyware)